cheaters on the COD PS3
  • Hopefully this is the right area to post this! OK so the past 2 days of play the COD modern warfare2 I have seen not thing but cheater on the game is there a way of reporting them?
  • Yes there is, and it is built right into the game. This video shows how it is done.
  • I too suggest following Lyndon's advice on reporting cheaters.

    However, it appears as if the entire CoD franchise is badly fractured. It is evenly split between the good, honest player, and an over-abundance of low-life, cheating, glitching, exploiting morons who do nothing more that ruin a quality title and other peoples' fun.

    The non-skilled cheaters have made far too many people give up on this game and the franchise is now starting to feel the strain due to these type of people. I do not and will not call these cheaters "gamers" as they are not deserving of that distinction.

    "Gamers" are the honest, fair-playing folks who I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years. They play by the rules, have fun and do not cheat.

    If I had my way, the cheaters of the gaming world would have their consoles bricked and permanently removed form all gaming networks.

    ..and no, I make NO apologies for this rant as I despise with every fiber the cheaters of the gaming world.