Dino Crisis 2 dilema's
  • Could anyone please help me?
    I just simply cannot get through this game and i've only reached the first time we meet Regina! It's so anoying and driving me insane! I havent been able to complete this game and do not have a Gameshark.
    Is there anyone out there with the key to unlock my madness???
  • The first thing I will say is.... what level are you playing on?

    I have completed the game on easy and normal levels, but there is no way on Earth I am good enough to complete it on hard yet. My boyfriend has, but he's so much better than me and he doesn't panic when 4 or 5 dinosaurs come after him like I do!!!

    The first thing I would say is try and complete it on easy first, like I did. Then you have gained the necessary skills to go for the normal level. You also get to know the game plan and what weapons are best for what dinosaurs, etc.

    Let me know what level you are playing on and maybe I can help you with specific problems, like how to kill the allosaur, or where to go after Dylan gets trapped in that room....etc.

  • Thank's for that I suppose it would help if i went for the easy level first!!!
    Oh and by the way I've only reached the control shack.
    I know i'm crap but it's lack of knowledge and points.
    I'l get back to you if i get stuck on the easy level God forbid!
  • well for one if ur in the locked room where u got chased by a t-rex then a dead guy in the back has it go to the door and watch a sceen then u find a battery i forgot where to find it