• I am having difficult time with knowing what cars to buy for certain races starting from the beginners and so forth in the career mode. If someone could please give me some advice I would really appreciate it. Thank you
  • Master Five,

    Just joined, so sorry for the late reply. When you start the A-Spec races in GT Mode, you don't have a lot of cash. The first car I recommend purchasing is a Mazda Miata from the used car dealer. Right away, the first thing you'll need to do with that car is go to get the oil changed. You'll see a nice gain in HP from doing that. You can tune it a bit as well, but don't go nuts. Go for the inexpensive tuning options, such as catalytic converters, a tuned ECU, and headers if you can afford them. Don't forget to save money for tires, as some races require specific types of tires.

    If you go to the race that you are going to enter and click on "typical opponents", you'll see a list of the cars that are most often competing against you. If you can tune your ride about 25 HP over what they have, you'll have a nice edge for the race. Also, another tip: If you can find a nice race you can win on without too much effort on a track that you are comfortable with, run that race over and over again and build up your bankroll. The money will come in handy for tuning cars and buying cars. Good luck!