internet me
  • Hi...I really need your 'detailed" help on playing online game with NBA 2k11 specifically. I never had a problem before playing with the nba 2k10 before but suddenly with the new nba game i can't finish eversince 1 online game. I have an AT&T broadband internet provider with a Belkin router. I normally use playing wireless but because of the problem i tried connecting it with an ethernet cable (wired) connection but still the same error occurs everytime i start playing..The error message goes exactly like this " A network problem has been encountered that prevents gameplay from continuing. This will not be counted." I called my network provider, Sony playstation and the NBA 2k11 itself but they keep on passing me to each other and i really don't know what to do now. And of course my connection is in full bars or 100% but i don't know why in the middle of the game it just stops...Please help me guys

    Thank you very much
  • Check in the manual of the game, raysabz- maybe there is an extra port that needs opening listed in the manual that isn't yet set up in the router.