beatles rockband help please !
  • hi , newbie here, can anyone help me find a way to add the beatles rockband tracks into my rockband library on a ps3, software version rock band 2? the code on back of manual is a 4 piece 4 digit which is 16 digits and not recognised as a psn 12 digit obviously,i dont know if this game is compatible or not, but what is the 16 digit code? i rang EA and they could not help told me to contact harmonix which i may well do if no help here,
    incidently, i had a ps3 ylod on me and lost my AC/DC live tracks from my library as i had to get new ps3 and i contacted EA as the AC/DC code is a 1 time use only and they where very helpful and issued me with a new voucher code free of charge, so if anyone has voucher problems give them a ring, cust support number is in the back of your manual.