• Hello there experts... I am in desparate need of help.

    I bought myself a 160GB PS3 today so I could play DCUO with my friends, among the other titles I've been wanting to pick up. I set up the entire system according to the Quickstart guide, but I've since hit a few snags.

    I dusted off my handy D-Link router and began to set it up, simply put, I was plugging around. I took the router out, unplugged my cable internet connection ethernet cord directly from my modem to my computer and hooked that into the router's LAN1 slot. I put my PC's ethernet cord into LAN2 and the PS3 slot into LAN3. I figured when my computer connection was up and running without any fuss that I'd have no problem.

    I managed to get the internet working and the system updates running with relatively few problems, but now I'm required to join the PSN and here is where my problems come in.

    When I do an internet connection test in the settings menu, it comes up as successful on both accounts of acquiring an IP and connecting to the internet. However, whenever I go into the Sign up for PSN icon, Error 80710102 comes up.

    I've looked at various solutions online, but none seem to be working... Like I said, I managed to grab updates from online in the beginning, but it just won't connect to the PSN.
  • That error is one of the more common ones- the PS3 can't quite get some of the info needed to get online like the DNS servers.

    Best suggestion is to put as much information into the PS3's settings manually (subnet mask, dns servers, router IP address) so it doesn't have to rely on the router to find them. You can get all this from the router itself.
  • Doing a quick search of the board after posting my message (I really need to remind myself to do this BEFORE, haha) yielded these results. I managed to track down most of the information from the router and enetered it in, and I got a tiny step forward:

    I get into the PSN main page now, but as soon as I click on the Create new account option, the menu lags out and I get a connection timed out notice. Any advice on what the next step should be beyond this?
  • If you haven't yet, do the port forwarding as well to allow all PSN traffic through. You'll find the ports listed in the thrwead pinned to the top of this section.

    If it still times out it may be the router at fault and you'll want to check for firmware updates for it/ purchase something newer.