Playstation One Gameshark
  • I have a Gameshark Disc for playstation one games, and it seems theres no way to enter a new code for the games listed, or to add games for that matter.

    The game (Final Fantasy 8) is in the list with codes, but I want to add a new one, and it won't let me.

    I'm using an old gen playstation 2 if that makes a difference.

    I've tried highlighting the game and pressing right but nothing happens. I know I'm able to add codes because theres and option that has add new games, edit existing games, add new codes etc. but there's no option to actually do it.
  • Being on a PS2 may make a difference as the old GameShark wasn't made to be used on a PS2.
  • Is there any way i could get this to work? Unfortunately my ps1 went out so all I have is my PS2.