need help getting my ps2 going?
  • Hello and thanks for having me first off!

    I have a 39001 ps2 that is modded with a magic 3.something chip I think. Had the ps2 since it was new and in the past it has been giving me problems in playing the game as not loading them. I could put them in and they might load good or sometimes I would have to hit reset a bunch and it would finally load. In December, I tried to play it again and it wouldn't do anything so I looked online and thought that it was the laser.

    Bought a refurbished laser off ebay, got it, put it in and didn't work. It then started to make a ticking noise so I thought it could be bad and sent it back. I asked another person about it from ebay and they said I have to remove the anti-static point before installing the laser.

    So I purchased another laser from another group on ebay and got it today. Looked on the back of it and it had no ball of solder to remove for the anti-static protection so that was a step easier. Put it in and tried to play the game and it wouldn't read the games either. It then started to make a ticking noise.

    You put the game in and though and it is as if the game never even spins to read. The laser though moves good back and forth and is hooked up properly but I have no idea what it could be. Just don't think I would get two bad lasers from different places.

    Is there anything else that I should be looking for or might could replace easily. If it isn't the laser, should I send it back since I do have like 2 weeks to send it back only I pay the shipping.

    Any help is very appreciative as there is just not much of that nowadays for the ps2!
  • We don't support the use of mod chips here, dick, due to the ability to use copied games plus they lower the lifespan of your console (which you have found out).

    Send the laser back and look for another PS2 system.
  • I'm just wondering though if it could be the drive motor or something that has gone bad. I can still send the laser back, but was just trying to get it going so that it still works if I want to use it. I could pick one of those up refurbished for my model off of ebay for around 11.00 I think.

    When you put a game in though, there is no spinning action, it might move a 1/4 of an inch but other than that, that is it?
  • You could try the motor drive replacement as it could well be that causing things to fetch up. Not sure I would trust refurbished, however.
  • thanks, i'll have to think about it. don't really want to go out and spend a lot on another one, but don't want to spend a lot on this one with parts either since there isn't anything new coming out for the ps2 that i know or heard of. just be nice to play it when i want to like my nintendo, genesis or dreamcast.
  • my ps2 network doesnt show up when i hook internet cable to it is there a down load i can down load to a scan disk to get it up and running
  • Outlaw, you shouldn't need the disc- one of your online-enabled games should also have the connection set up routine built in. Look for the "add connection" or "new connection" choices when a game asks for a network to use and select that.