Internet Connection problem
  • Okay, I know there are a lot of these threads, and i've read through many of them, but none of them seem to have exactly the same problem I'm having. I'm trying to connect my ps3 to the wireless internet at my school's dorm room (William and Mary). The wifi is free, the signal is strong, and my laptop works fine on it. However, when I tried to connect my ps3 to the internet, everything went fine until the internet connection test. On the test's first step, it succeeded in securing an ip address, showing me a message saying "success." However, the next step of the test failed. It read "Internet Connection - Failed."
    Here it what is shown on the screen after the test failed:

    Internet Connection Test

    Connection Test Completed.

    Obtain IP Address Succeeded
    Interned Connection Failed
    PlayStation Network -
    UPnP -
    NAT Type -
    Connection Speed (Download) -
    Connection Speed (Upload) -

    The connection to the server timed out.(80028E06)

    Because I am using my school's internet, I'm not sure how or where to access the router/modem. The internet service offers both unsecured and encrypted networks, but during the internet setup, I was only able to choose the unsecured network, therefore, I did not need and passwords or keys.

    Thanks for the help.

  • You'll need to talk with your school's IT department to get the info needed to add into your PS3's settings and get online. They may need to do a bit of work on their end as well to allow the PSN traffic through as they would have control over the open ports.