Do Red Dead and/or Black Ops use Regional servers?
  • I'm looking at buying Red Dead Redemption and COD: Black Ops from overseas, and i'm just wondering whether that's going to tie me into overseas servers for multiplayer??
    I've read that some games have this regional online behaviour.
    I'm in Australia, and the games would be coming from either US or Hong Kong.
    Any other things i should be wary of?
  • In regards to the RDR servers, I am not sure, but it is well known that the Black Ops servers are indeed regional and filtered...and that is determined by your geographical location and NOT what region you purchased a game from.

    In regards to the games there is something you will want to make note of.

    Although the games themselves will play just fine for you as the games are not region coded, many times DLC's for these games will not work on those games purchased from another region.