Cannot Get On Ps3 Network!!
  • my IP address is a private network only one. when i attempt to access the PS3 network and sign up for it, it says no ethernet cable attached, but i have wireless, but i used a cable anyway to try that. still didnt work, ive tried to manually put in my IP address then try my connection test, still says cannot obtain IP address. so what im getting out of this, is since my IP address is a "private network only" one, i cannot sign up for PS3 network, play online or anything. ive tried everything and have spent hours and hours trying to find solutions but nothing works.......THIS IS GETTING OLD!!!!! what in the world am i supposed to do to sign up and play online with my private network only address???!!! or is there no way to do so??? HELP...please
  • You'll need to grab your PS3's MAC Address to reserve an IP address specifically for the PS3 in the router then add that into the PS3's network settings along with the subnet mask, router IP and DNS servers. You will also need to add the PS3's MAC Address into your router's list of allowed devices.