• This Singer Wrote And preformed Brown Eyed Girl. :peace:

  • Who is:
    Van Morrison!!

    Hey Da_Pusher, if this is gonna be some sort of new 'Music Trivia' thread, you may want to explain things a bit, and add some rules, like the rest of the trivia threads start out.
    Thanks Man! :punk:
  • Thanks, The Rules are, Only Classic Rock, no 80's stuff, and nothing underground, Go ahead guys
  • Just to be sure, you got the floor man.
  • What about Jimi Hendrix, Belly Button Window? " If you don't want me around,I'll be back in 300 days!". From the Cry of Love LP.
  • Alrgiht, Since Nobody felt like Posting, Heres a new one

    This Band's Lead singer Sings "Life Is a Long Song" :punk: