Mass Effect 2
  • Bought this on launch day, fell for the hype LOVING it.

    It really does remind me of playing Elite on my C64 back in the day!!!

    Incredible story, plot etc, great cover shooting and the voice acting etc is superb.

    Anyone else tried this gem? What do you think?
  • I did, started insanity on round 2 :D
    Trying to get the N7 trophy ;) haha

    I wish MS allows mass effect 1 to port to ps3 though :huh:
  • I'm not the hardcore type, usually I just play on normal mode and enjoy the game for its graphic, plot, etc. I can't believe I played Insanity for Mass Effect 2 and survived :o

    That said, that's how much the story attracted me and got me going... (of course and my new trophy-obsession drive) Now, I'm eagerly waiting for ME3, wonder how things gonna end.

    Thanks Bioware!