• God has decided to wipe out humanity, having grown tired of watching mankind squander their resources and their lives. The only hope for our world is a lone rogue angel (Paul Bettany), who still loves us and still has faith in the species that was created in God's image. He immediately ventures to a rundown greasy spoon, which contains a handful of locals, a few accidental tourists, and a young pregnant waitress (Adrianne Palicki) whose child inexplicably holds the key to humanity's survival. As the world is attacked by the very forces of God himself, a battle for the very survival of our species takes place in the most unlikely of places.

    We just watched this movie this evening, and it was actually quite good. Decent acting, good storyline and exceptional FX makes this a good choice for something a little different. Not an Oscar-worthy film, but it makes for a good 90 minutes of movie watching just the same.

    Whatever it lacks in production values, it makes up for with solid acting by a better than expected cast. The picture doesn't quite know when to end, climaxing a good fifteen-minutes after its natural finale, but the first two-thirds of the movie is pretty solid entertainment.