Jurassic the Hunted
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    Jurassic the Hunted
    Release date: Nov. 3, 2009

    Jurassic the Hunted is an epic, story-drive first person shooter set on a dark mysterious island that connects the modern world with the age of dinosaurs. You will take on the role of Craig Dylan, a weapons and survival expert, hired to protect a research team sent to study the strange temporal energy of the island and recover whatever is left of the expedition lost on the island 25 years ago.

    I found a copy of this at a local WalMart for $20, and I have to say that it is atually pretty goo. Decent graphics, good game play and entertaining enough. For the price, I would say it is very good.

    The more I play Jurassic the Hunted, the more I am convinced that this game got such a bad rap by reviewers...which is why I seldom listen to them anyways.

    Although it isn't a "Top shelf" game, it is still very fun and enjoyable which, to me, is the whole purpose of a game. There are, unfortunately, too many that base EVERY game on the most popular ones on the market, which is just a shame as they miss out on so many good titles, like this one, that really are fun.


    Yeah, I consider this game a winner! Certainly a game not deserving of the poor reviews it has received.

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