pro evo 2009 not going online
  • HI

    please help , since 1/2/2011 , iam unable to play online aaarghhh, when i select the network mode in the game menu - message appears 'testing network enviroment' - then message apears 'error occurred login failed'.

    Iv tried reseting router/modem, and tried selecting auto on port settings with no success , also tried setting port manually via router config again no success.

    this issue is only with this game , other games are ok to go online , so im guessing it may be the pro evo server issue

    please help thanks
  • What is happening is the server for this game got shut down (which is normal over time as players move on to the newer versions). You'll have to stick to offline play or get yourself the latest version of pro Evo.
  • ahhhh nooooooo , I loved this version , whhhaaaat , I bought pro evo 2011 and was dissipointed with it , so i sold it and went back to 2009 .. ahhhh my days of fun are over, i wish i could start a revoloution to get the server back on .

    well thanks anyway Lyndon for your quick reply , ahhhh