Modern Warfare 2 And Black ops problems
  • I went into a game of modern warfare then it was hacked well then it froze then i joined another game and it was hacked then it said challenges 10/100 then 20/100 then so on until it got to 100 then i quit then i had all of the guns and titles and i was a level 70 4th prestige i was at the begging of it when i started. Now when i play black ops or modern warfare 2 it lags and my character keeps skipping and it isn't my internet because i tried it on my other ps3 system and it worked fine. And on PlayStation home the videos on the wall skip and i can never watch them. My system was fine until this hack please please help!!!
  • Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done other than maybe a full format of the hard drive (and even then it's hard to say of it would help). The last firmware update Sony did was supposed to be a security fix against the hacking but looks like it came up short.