Account problem
  • I never played on line with my PS3.
    My cousin came over and signed up with his account under our user name.
    Now i have my own account but I can't sign in with my user name that my cousin used his account.
    I make a new user name and can get on line with my new online account.
    but I can't get my game save's from my first user name.
    Is there a way to us my USB to transfer my saved games over, or remove his online account to add mine on my original user name?
  • Yes, you should be able to copy most of the game saves from that one name using a USB thumb drive. Hit triangle when highlighting the save you want then select "copy" to copy onto the drive. Once you have all of the saves go on to your name, go into the key and do the copy technique to copy the saves into a save game folder on the PS3.

    Some of the game saves may not work due to having been under another name plus some games have their saves copy protected and can't be moved. No workarounds for those I'm afraid.

    As for deleting the old account, you would need to be able to log in as that user to delete it.
  • The only game I'm playing Is Big Little Planet and I can't use the saved game on another user. Can I change network account on original user name if I get me cousins to put in the info?
  • That wouldn't change anything, to be honest. You may have no choice but to start from scratch on your own name.