Using Virgin Broadband2go w/ Mac to Access PSN
  • Hey, Absolute-PS.

    So my family has been in the process of separating - so we had to cancel our verizon fios service & for the moment i've been having to use Virgin BroadBand2go USB chip for my internet needs.

    Now I've been missing playing online a lot more then I thought I would, so I tried to see if it was possible to play online w/ my broadband2go usb.

    Now here's the situation:

    • My broadband2go is unlimited for the month (so going over mb's isn't an issue)
    • I have been connecting my Ethernet cable to the PS3 and to the port in my mac
    • I have turned internet sharing on & checked if that was the issue. (it's not)
    • I do the custom set up on my internet connection settings on my PS3 & enter the following:
      Ip Address: &
      Subnet Mask:
      Default Router:
      Primary DNS:
      (and tried google's

    Now I don't think the IP's a problem bc it says succeeded upon completion of the test connection, but my internet connection always says failed - no matter what variations/changes I make.
    The DNS error I get is (80710102)
    Yes - I've googled solutions to it to no avail - all the forum suggestions i've seen on the google search haven't helped yet :(

    If anyone can suggest something else, or maybe fix something that I've already tried, i would appreciate it so much!

  • That error suggests to me the PS3 isn't seeing what you say it should in its settings and can't get connected. You will want to do some further digging into settings on the mac to get the right numbers.

    To be honest, mobile broadband isn't the best for online play plus I wouldn't be so sure about your internet being unlimited if this is a Canadian Virgin Mobile B2G stick. The plans for those (if on the postpaid side) cap off at 5 GB before running into overage. It may be easier to look into getting cable or DSL to use for the PS3.
  • Thanks Lyndon!

    It's the us version, but if that does happen, we bought a pre-paid card anyways so no way for them to charge debit/credit.

    & can you expand on doing the mac settings? DO u know what else I should have done?

    Thanks so much!
  • They may not be able to charge but if you use up the alloted data (make sure of the amount allowed) and they have no way of renewing the next month they'll cut things off altogether until you pay for the next chunk. Considering how big some of the downloads can be from the store (one demo, depending on the game, can be a GB or more easy) you'd have the limit hit fast. This is why i suggest using normal broadband such as cable or DSL internet.

    Go into your computer's connection settings and make absolutely sure of what the numbers should be for the DNS servers, MAC Address, etc. as these are what you should use in the PS3's settings. You may be throwing things off with the default router as you don't actually have a router in place.

    Also, the blank for IP address is supposed to be for the IP your PS3 gets from the connection point, which can't be the same as the router itself. You may want to leave the IP address as easy/ automatic and do the rest of the settings manually.