complications with my ps3
  • Problem: hard disc is corrupted
    cant play game demos
    cant play any bluerays
    freezes on game demos once started after being dowloaded and installed

    The Cause: turned off unproperly which caused data to corrupt
    and overheating

    Can Do: movie demos (never tried movie discs)
    internet, music...etc.

    [B]Action Taken:[B] new blue ray drive
    new hard disc(hard drive)
    stripped down to motherboard and put back together correctly about a million times

    forget sony,
    all options were used, except the 6th one,
    i reformatted the hard drive, put a new one and every time i restore the file system it will always say hard disc corrupted,
    i dont know much, but i checked around for clues,
    so i stripped it and saw something unual,
    ...well its complicating i noticed where the hard drive slides in(the caddy thingy) on the motherboard, the solder on the metal was melted, so if the hard drive were to be inserted, it would be corrupted due to the metal part touching,
    well if someone could please share your knowledge i need help,
    ask me a question i could answer it,