Blazing Angels help
  • Can anyone help me with Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII ? I am stuck on the New Guinea Campaign. I have tried everything to get past first level. It says to help the 172 inf by killing tanks but I dont see any tanks except a few scattered AA tanks. I kill as many bombers as possible but cant save the 172. HELPP!!!
  • As soon as the mission starts, speed up towards the island in front of you. Try to take out at least one of the orange ground targets before the planes show up. When they do, send your squadron to attack at will & try to get behind at least one of the groups so you can get clear shots at them. It shouldn't be too hard to defend the 172nd Division Infantry as long as you keep taking down fighters & bombers.
  • Hey thanks for reply: I have tried that about 100 times and it still wont work.:(