Anyone interested in hooking up online?
  • If anyone is interested in hooking up online with fellow PS3 gamers, go ahead and post your PSN and what game or games you are currently playing or are available to play online.

    Lyndon and I get together regularly for some good online gaming, and it would be great to get others to join us.

    PSN: Wade_VC

    Currently Playing/Available to play:

    Bad Company
    Battlefield Bad Company 2
    Red Dead Redemption
    Killzone 2
    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
    Need for Speed: Shift
    Wipeout HD
    High Stakes Poker on the Vegas Strip
    HASBRO Family Game Night
    Family Feud
    Press Your Luck
    Price is Right
    Hustle Kings
  • Hi, I am BIGBEE12 and my psn is bnesbit. It would be great to play online with you. :D

    Games to play:

    Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising
    Call of Duty, Black Ops
    Call of Duty 4
    Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2
    Call of Duty, World at War
    Red Dead Redemption
    Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare
    Apache air Assault
    GTA 4, Epidodes of Liberty City
  • PSN is : Rival0MC

    Games i play is not much, waiting for some new games right now

    Gran Turismo 5
    GTA IV
    Burnout paradise
    Uncharted 2

  • my sn is chris31miller i have black ops and red dead redemtion i wont be online till the 7th but add me ill play