smackdown vs raw 2011
  • hi i have brought the game brand new and my access code said invalid so i went ahead and paid the fee for online access only to find i have the same problem when ever i try to access the wwestore i get this msg
    unable to update the wwe shop content list please check your network connection
    only thing is i tryed the 7 day trial and it worked so do all my other online games and the other thing is i must have been connected to have paid for the online access pass in the first place
    so i dont get why it i not working
    i have downloaded other things after i got this and they all work fine
    can you please help me and tell me where my problem is
    thanks very much
  • If all other games are working fine for online then the problem lies in the game servers, not your connection. I would say to go straight to THQ's site and head to the Support section. There may be an answer there.