Spyro year of the dragon
  • Downloaded Spyro year of the dragon but it wont let me save the games. keeps saying memory card inserted.Can't I save it to hard drive on the PS3
  • The PSOne games require you to make a virtual PSOne memory card to store the saves in. On the PS3's menu go to the Game section and up to memory Card Utility (PS1/PS2). In here you'll see an icon to create a new card. Select the one you need (in this case a PS card), select a name for it and done.

    Once you have the card made you need to assign it to its "slot". Highlight your newly made card and hit triangle to bring up the options. Go to Assign Slots and select slot 1. You'll now be able to save your progress. You'll need to remember to swap cards out when playing PS2 games.