Help PSN id hacked?!?!
  • Hi guys and girls, I've been playing the PS3 today for the first time in months, and it seems someone has hacked/taken control of my PSN ID.

    I've been playing MW2 and i first noticed lots of 'cheats' came up (overlayed on the game screen) and I (and everyone else) could jump really really high while i was on search&destroy and thought someone had hacked the game their end or something.

    This happened a few times over the course of the day and then just now someone changed MY clan tag to [C**T] which was very charming of them.

    How the hell have they done this? I'm probably the most security conscious person i know becase of my job etc so defo haven't shared my password with anyone at all.

    I've changed my password as a precaution now but I'm still mad as hell as to how this had happened.

    Cheers guys

  • As you've found out there have been a number of hacks done to Modern Warfare 2, thanks in part to certain exploits that have been found by the hacker community. All that really can be done, if you remember the names of the hosts, is file a grief report to Sony. They are starting to crack down on people doing things like this so their days on PSN may be numbered.

    As for getting your MW2 profile fixed, though, you may be out of luck. Even Infinity Ward themselves have admitted there may not be much that can be done. You may want to keep future online games to be friends-only private affairs.