Account help
  • I recently tried to make an account with this site. It said my e mail [email][/email] was banned by the administrators. I dont know why; I have never even heard of this till today. I had to make a whole other account just to even contact you! It said my account was banned and to contact you here. I click it and it says I have to be a member! Not possible at that point. You have some serious flaws that need to be tended to! I would like to know why my e mail was banned and hopefully have it unbanned immediately!
  • To be honest, Doug, no GMail addresses will work here- it is not just yours.

    Quite some time back we were getting bombarded with accounts being signed up by bot programs using GMail addresses. These bot accounts were being used to spread links for everything from cell phones to pharmaceuticals to porn (and in most cases sites with virii/ trojan horses ready to infect people's machine's if they clicked). The only method we had to slow them down was to prevent the use of any GMail addresses hen registering.

    These days the bots are still getting registered (not nearly as many) but they are using very unique domains, making them very easy to spot and delete. We've tried removing the GMail block before and it would be mere minutes before we start seeing another flood.