Very odd PSP problem.
  • When I try to connect to the internet upstairs with the psp, the router gets blown out. BUT when I try to connect it downstairs, but the odd part is, I can start it downstairs and go upstairs and it will still work. But when I start upstairs it does not work. WTF
  • I don't think the router is getting "blown out" but it may not be putting out enough wi-fi signal to connect easily when upstairs.

    Have you had that router for long? Considering the issues it is having between this and your PS3 thread i wonder if it may be time to upgrade.
  • No the router is supposed to work fine with the ps3/psp. I looked around and people use my exact same stuff and they work (including one of my friends and my psp worked at his house). It does blow it out, I check my computer (or itouch) to make sure and as long as I start the connection downstairs it wont crash, I can go back upstairs with it and still have a great signal. It only crashes if I START it upstairs. Even If I turn everything off that uses and internet and unplug them it still doesn't make a difference. My itouch rarely has a signal drop below 80 and I can start it anywhere and it has pretty much the same signal the whole time. Maybe I'm just not meant to use the internet on Sony stuff.