Need to ID a Flight Simulation Game
  • Hi. There used to be a PS1 Flight Simulation game that I used to play when I was younger, and I CANT REMEMBER THE NAME!

    It was a rather peculiar game. You had to take lessons, and then get licenses, and perform missions with commercial aircraft, like make deliveries and such. I never got too far in the game, it was my friend's, but I think that later on you could fly airplanes with fighting capabilities too.

    The lessons/license tests were pretty specific. They would tell you what routes to take, what altitudes to fly in, maneuvers to perform etc.

    PLEASE help me figure out what game this is. I have looked in all sorts of playstation 1 game lists, and nothing rings a bell. Checked the common flight simulators for PS1, and no. It was not the typical game like ace combat for example.
  • I think I might have figured out what game it is. Problem is that it is a Japanese game called Pilot Ni Narou.... yeah talk about obscure games lol. I was in Brazil for vacation, and a Japanese-Brazilian friend of mine, let me borrow his playstation... and yeah, it all makes sense now. I HOPE I am right on this.
  • i think the game you were talking about might be wing over 2