Help With Sony Customer Support Please
  • My Ps3 Ylod And Every Time I Ring Sony Im On Hold It Takes Al My Credit Its Cost Me 20 Pound So Far So Whats The Best Time To Ring And Do Thay Have A Week End Number If So Do U No What It Is Im In England Uk Thank 4 Ur Help
  • The number you are using now is the only one they have, I'm afraid.
  • hi since sonys been back i had to wait days 4 the email to change my password now today i got the email when i clicked on the link its saying the sites under maintenance do u no when it will be back or if theres another way or site to change my password my ps3 new ive never used psn on it b4 thanks 4 ur help
  • Sony shut down the password reset via the web sites due to finding an exploit someone could use to make more mess.

    You should be able to make the change right on your PS3. When you log in to your user name you should get a prompt saying you need to change your password- just fill in the new password in both blanks, save and the system will store the new pass.
  • i done that it keeps sayin an email message has been sent to my email on both mine and my brothers account do u no if theres any other way apart from ringin sony
  • They must be doing things a bit different in your area then- we never had to wait for an e-mail or go to a web site here in North America. Looks like you have no choice but to wait for Sony UK to get the page back up (and I'd have no idea when that would be, best to keep an eye on the official blog for that).
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