Many issues with my PS3
  • I have been playing online for over 2 years and never had any problems. I recently switched to a cable modem from straight DSL. I have the same router (Belkin wireless G plus MIMO) but just recently have not been able to stay online. PSN keeps signing me out during gameplay on Black Ops and COD4. I recently set up the IP addresses via a thread from Lyndon from my first message I recd. After that I was able to download the update for Black Ops (took over an hour) and went in to play online and it said the server was down. I am currently wireless and have been since day 1. I have the wall plug-ins to make it wired but I still get the same problems.

    PS. It also started freezing up. What can I do?
  • You may need to make some more adjustments yet in either the router or your PS3's network settings (maybe even both). The freezing, though, may be something happening with the PS3 itself so you may want to contact Sony's customer service to double check and weigh your options.