gran tourismo special edition
  • hi I would like to know if there is a way to transfer the 5 chrome line cars to another ps3. The problem is that someone was over with their ps3 and gran tourismo special edition his card fell behind tv and when we bought our gran tourismo5 we moved the tv afterwards and found the card thinking it went with ours we entered the code. only to realize afterwards it didnt go with the gran tourismo 5 (original edition). anyways we told our friend our mistake but he is really frustrated understandable. can we buy a card or somehow transfer the 5 chrome line cars because i dont want him to cause any troubles.
    Please help we really need your help to find a solution. Thanks ahead of time really appreciate it.
  • The only way to get those cars on to his PS3 now would be to set up your PSN account on his PS3 then download on to his system under your account. Once done, change the password to your account so that no one else can log in as you on that system. You would need to keep your account on his PS3 in order for him to access the cars.

    Other than that, you may want to contact Sony's customer service and explain the situation- they may (no promises) send out a replacement code.