The game Black from 2006 multiple freezes on intro screen
  • When your at the start menu screen on this game when the ak-47 introduction starts,my game freezes the video of the ak-47 while the game makes it loading the chamber and gun firing noises, it also makes no sound effects when another gun fires and in the rest of the game introduction the video freezes back and forth quickly. The game also makes a skipping sound on other menus. I was wondering if this was a normal defect in this game? Thanks much
  • That is definitely not normal. Your PS2 sounds as if it is having a hard time reading that disc. If this sort of thing happens with other games then the problem would be the PS2 itself but, if just on Black, then the disc is partially unreadable to the system and you may want to check around for someplace to do a resurfacing job on it.
  • Very thankfull for your reply. I'll try that, because my ps2 doesn't do that with any other games.