Killzone 3
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    Killzone 3
    Release date: Feb. 22, 2011

    Continuing from Killzone 2, players find Emperor Visari, the viscious dictator of the Helghast, dead at the feet of Sev and Rico. However this war is far from won. In the wake of Visari's death, Helghan has devolved into a world of political scheming, rapid infighting, and murder. Now, the two most powerful men on Helghan are fighting for complete and utter dominance while Visari
  • I am curious as to who here picked up this title, and what are your impressions.

    I got this "Day 1", and really liked it. The story is good, game-play is excellent, although it seemed a little short in length. For those who have played Killzone 2, this newest addition is nowhere as brutal as KZ2 is/was.

    Online game-play is also fun, with the exception of Warzone which has turned into a Sniper/Campers heaven, but all other online modes are just great.

    I did manage to get my Platinum on this just the other day, and it is nice to see the few online trophies done in a way that isn't a major grind. I got all my online trophies in a little less than an hour.