40gb-80gb Same Hardrive Capatible?
  • I have a question... Last Saturday, I got the yellow light of death on my 40 gb PS3... (Which actually had a 160gb hard drive in it) well I decided to ship it to Sony and go ahead and pay the fee and get a refurbished one. Of course before I sent it I replaced the 160 with the original 40gb that came with it. Well while I wait for that to return, I went ahead and used my 80gb PS3 that I also have. Well I tried to put the 160gb HD in the 80gb system and it would not work. So Im wondering, is this a normal thing? Are they actually two different systems? I figured there would not be a problem with this.. So really Im just wondering this because Im pretty sure they are going to send me back the same kind of 40gb model.. Im just hoping this HD will go work in this one as well. Thanks