Why won't my PS3 read my games?
  • Since yesterday my PS3 hasnt been registering my games.

    I recently got Test Drive Unlimited 2, and was playing it until the road disappeared and the car fell into the sea. The screen went blank but the sound was still on and I managed to pause, (with the screen still blank) and restart the race. It came up it was loading but didn't. I tried to quit the game but it wouldn't let me so I tried to turn of the console, but it wouldn't let me. I then unpluged it.

    When I started it back up, the disc wasn't being read. I then tried another game, (Assassins Creed Brotherhood if it matters) and that disc wasn't being read either.

    Today I tried it again and the same thing happened! The console also keeps making 'clunking' noises.

    Today also, a message came up saying there was a problem with the disc. It said to clean it and if it still didn't work to use Playstation error code - 80010514.

    Please help!
  • That error, as you'll see if you check it in the error code checker from Sony (handily linked to in the pinned thread at the top of this section), shows that error is hardware related. You'll have to contact Sony about possible repairs.