• Anyone visit there often? Maybe we can all meet there and party! Haha :D
  • I tried out PSN home awhile back when it first was instituted, I thoroughly didn't enjoy it. I found it a waste of the space in my ps3 and deleted it. Haven't looked back since. :D
  • Must admit to being totally unimpressed myself, although it could be a giggle if we all decided to meet up at a certain time, remember the Live Chat Red?

    That was fun
  • Only been there couple times, reminds me of Sims game ^_^
  • Minus all the gadgets the Sims have...
  • When it first came out i messed with it a bit, mostly playing the pool game in the bowling alley area. Eventually was seeing more and more idiocy running rampant through it all so just decided to stop going in.
  • How is it now? I mean I think it could be sort of cool with all the additions it has now.