Penny Arcade Adventures:ORSPD (PSN)
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    Penny Arcade Adventures:ORSPD
    Release date: Oct. 23, 2008

    On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is an episodic RPG-adventure game series set in a deranged comic-book meets-pulp-horror 1920s universe. Armed with unconventional weaponry and witty repartee, you join forces with the Gabe and Tycho, the crime-solving team of the Startling Developments Detective Agency to make war on bizarre enemies and solve the mysteries hidden deep in the sinister heart of New Arcadia.

    From the hilarious and twisted minds of Penny Arcade creators Mike
  • I picked this up the other day as both Episode 1 & 2 are on sale for $6.99 after eyeballing it for too long. I have to admit, this title always caught my attention, but I just wasn't too sure after seeing a couple of videos; especially as how I am not a big fan of Turn-based RPG's.
    But I figured that for the price, I may as well give it try.

    ...and I am glad I did.

    The turn-based element is handled smartly and the action is fairly fast-paced. It will keep you on your toes more than most turn-based games. I have to admit, in addition to a unique storyline, a great cast of characters, fantastic game-play and some great graphics, this game literally had me laughing out loud on more than on occasion. The game description says 'Adult Humor", and man they aren't kidding...there are and were some phrases that had me howling, as well as the many innuendo's scattered throughout the game and dialog.

    If you are looking for a very fun, unique and cheap (on sale now in the PSN Store) game to add to your library, I highly recommend Penny Arcade.