dance on broadway
  • hi im having problems getting onto this game :huh:
    when it starts up it asks me to connect playstation move controller,
    when i do and collaberate it, it then tells me more motion controllers required!!! and wont let me any further into the game ??? :mad:
    what am i doing wrong?? it says 1 or 2 players ive even collaberated 2 controllers and it still wont move from that bit!!!
  • Tried to find some information on this over at Ubisoft's web site but they don't have much to offer in their support section. Might be best to post a question there and see if the people that offer the official support can lend a hand.
  • yeah i rang them and they didnt seem to know anything either i persuming it's because its new on this platform??
    it works perfectly on everything else, cant understand it:huh: :confused:
  • We found the solution. It would appear that the motion controllers will assign themselves the numbers they want. Usually they default themselves at 6 and 5. The game wants you to start with controller 7 and 6. So you need to tell the PlayStation the controllers are 7 and 6. Once you get it set you are good to go.:D
  • Thought of that somewhere through the day myself, actually. Odds are you have something else seeing itself as controller 7 (usb dongle for another game, blu-ray remote, maybe a nav controller for the move) that is taking up that controller port.