Dead Nation (PSN)
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    Dead Nation
    Release date: Nov. 30, 2010

    Sometime in the not-too-distant future, a deadly virus is once again sweeping the globe, infecting everyone in its path and killing off almost all the human race. To the horror of the survivors, the dead have begun rising from the grave, hell-bent on feeding on the living and wiping out mankind for good. But, just as it seems all is lost, a small pocket of survivors emerges, determined to take back the world from the undead.

    You are one of these survivors. Armed to the teeth and totally outnumbered, you
  • Is anyone else playing this game by any chance?

    I just picked it up the other day off the PSN Store, and I have to say, at first when I saw some game-play footage of this, it didn't really do anything for me. But it is on sale at the moment on the store, so I figured "Why not".

    I am glad I did because this game is a total blast! Full of action and a creepy element, Dead Nation pits you against a never-ending hoard of the undead...that's right, Zombies! These Zombies are out for blood, and it is up to you to try and survive the onslaught.

    If you like fast-paced, action-filled games, I highly recommend checking out Dead Nation!
  • Got this when it first appeared, i am a sucker for all things ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!

    Quite enjoyed it but it can get repetitive pretty quick.

    God throw away fun though and relatively cheap.

    All round a 7/10 i think.