Help needed playing movies
  • I have a Dlink DNS321 NAS that i am using to host movies. The playstation 3 has a wired connection to the NAS. The NAS has alot of movies on it, for the sake of discussion lets say 100. When browsing the NAS not all of the movies show up, maybe only half do. I understand that it might not be able to play some of the movies due to not being encoded properly or having the wrong codec, or whatever, but even the folder that the movie is in won't show up.

    Some movies work great. in fact my wife is watching a streamed movie right now.

    I just did a system update on the playstation and it has the most up to date stuff on it.

    Please help.
  • You aren't going to be able to get the folder itself to show in the Movies section of the XMB- it will only show folders that are on the PS3's own drive.

    As for your theory on why some won't show/ play, you are dead on target.