ps3 internet connection error
  • hi there,

    I'm trying to set my PS3 up for wireless, however after I type in my WPA key, it comes up saying a connection to the access point could not be established. check the security settings for the wireless LAN.
    I've had the PS3 for a while now and it has always been like this, however if I use an ethernet cable it works fine.
    any ideas what I'm doing wrong? thanks
  • When going wireless it is best to have as much set up on the PS3 and the router manually. In the case of in the router, you'll want to set up a reserved IP address using the PS3's MAC address along with setting up port forwarding. Double check the WPA key as well.

    On the PS3 side, enter in that reserved IP address along with the WPA key, the router's IP address, the subnet mask and the DNS servers. Also make sure uPnP is disabled.

    Depending on how far away your router is from the PS3, if close enough I would stick to the wired connection- makes for a more consistent data feed to/ from the PS3.