Connecting Ps2 to monitor/speakers
  • I'm trying to hook up my ps2 to my computer so that i get video on my desktop monitor and sound through my speakers. I have a Dell 2408WFP monitor with external speakers.

    I tried the standard hdmi - av cables that came with the ps2 and i managed to get only color picture, but no sound. My sound system works like this: I've got 2 speakers which connect to a bass which has 1 standard rca connection going to the back of my computer. That provides my sound. How can i incorporate my ps2 to work through my speakers, with or without my computer? What cables do i need or can it be done with just HDMi - av cables?

    I also bought an hdmi - svideo - av (Y/R/W R/G/ conversion set to try some different connections. Not sure if i'm setting it up right. I can get a black/white picture on s-video, but no sound.

    My monitor has an Audio Out input on the back of it, but no speakers on the monitor. My computer has an audio input where my speakers connect to.

    Been working at this for a while so i'd really appreciate some help.
  • You'll need to either upgrade your sound card to one that has audio input or get a video card that allows input of audio/ video such as one with a tv tuner built in. This would be your best solution as the tv tuner card would have the inputs for both audio and video.