• can't seem to beat boaz on tomb raider angel of darkness
  • This bit I found in a walkthrough should help you out.

    In order to Defeat Boaz Pod, you must shoot the main body first. Kurtis
    will automatically aim the main body once Boaz starts walking and dashing
    against you. Shooting it around six times before it dashes will prevent it
    from hitting you as well. Once the main body is temporarly stunned, Boaz will
    counter attack by opening the pods on its back and shoot some green balls
    against you. Once that happens you will have to destroy the pods when they are
    opened. There are a total of four pods. Note that by using the Roll button
    while aiming you'll be able to change targets. Many people usually get stuck
    here because they haven't used the Target Switching button and Kurtis will
    never aim two of the pods. After you destroy one of the pods, Boaz will resume
    attacking with its dashes but sometimes it will open its mouth and throw a
    green liquid amd shake it left and right. To easily avoid it, you can either
    jump over it or run behind Boaz. You will have to repeat the process. As soon
    as she dashes against you again, you must stun the main body again and shoot
    another pod. Repeat this process untill all the four pods are destroyed. A
    sequence will start, and Boaz will atack again.

    Mutant Boaz is far more easy than her previous form. It can barely harm
    you and the only atack it has is its blade slash, which can barely take over
    10-15% of your total health. If you shoot it and just run away when it gets
    too close it will be dead in 30 shots. Another sequence will start after that.