problem signing into psn net via hsdpa mobile
  • Hi,for over a year I was gaming online via my tmobile pulse 3g mobile phone tethered to my laptop via usb then my ps3 connected to my laptop via ethernet cable and crossover,simple. Recently my phone was replaced/upgraded to an experia x10 mini pro, I had problems at 1st but ive managed to tether it to my pc and by usinga few android apps it now works fine for browsing,watching movies etc. But for some reason will not sign into thepsn network,it obtainsthe ip add and connects to the net no problem but fails to login to psn!!? I have the x10mini into laptop via usb and use an app called easy tether to create a connection for the laptop,then from the ps3 into the laptop vian ethernet and crossover adapter,i cant understand why psn fails but I can use the tv channels and browser on ps3.the only thing I can think is my tmobile pulse was 3g and the x10mini pro is hsdpa,but I sont see y that should really make a prob if nething I thought it would be better.

    any help with this whether todo with my ps3 settings laptop (running xp home sp3) or my mobile would be greatly app as im a gaming addict...i need my fix. SOON haha. Cheers
  • I've done some searching and all i have found is people are having lots of issues trying to get this to work as well as several comments that it would be extra pricey once it did work. You may be better off trying to get a regular broadband connection like cable or DSL (if available in your area).