Another Playstation 3 won't connect to PSN Thread
  • Hey all, brand new to the forums here. I've had my PS3 for just over 4 years now, it's the 160GB Uncharted: Drake's Fortune edition (fatback). No problems with it for all this time, it's run flawlessly.

    So I purchased a PSN card tonight and went to add it to my Playstation Store account, and got booted from PSN, and now cannot get back in on my account. I'm running wirelessly on a Linksys N+ router that is upstairs from my "man cave" and have 100% signal strength. I can still surf the net easily, but can't get into the PSN. I ran the internet connection test, and passed all modes up to PSN connection, which failed.

    When I attempt to login, I recieve error code 80710A06. I looked it up on the official PS3 support page (which is thoughtfully linked to here, by the way), and got a completely generic answer: "The Playstation 3 system has encountered an issue."

    Ya think????

    Anyway, just wondering what was going on, if anyone had some insight. Again, my system has run flawlessly for years (and I'm on it every single day) without fail, this is the first issue that I've had.

    Thanks in advance.
  • I have same problem work 3 days ago now cant join keep getting same error
  • also my router is only 4 days old and was working fine was connecting fine then today crap!
  • You guys make 3 people that could not connect and getting that error. That code, according to the PSN code checker tool (linked to at the top of this section) simply says the system is having issues and to contact Sony customer service.
  • Bit of an update- while doing some checking around found out there is an unplanned outage happening in some regions for PSN. It's not your systems. They're working on finding out what's happening and getting it fixed as we type.
  • well STAFF dude thats a relief ty 4 tat info
  • Whew, thanks Lyndon! That is quite a relief. I wasn't looking forward to trying to deal with tech support. I'll just be patient and wait for the outage to solve itself. Thanks again, and kudos on a great forum!
  • The samething is happening to me, im kinda mad cuz wat else is a kid with depression(me) gunna do on vacation! :crybaby: