can,t connect to playstation@network
  • why can,t i get connected to the playstation@network i was able to sign into it last night but can,t do it today it's starting to be a pain
  • heelp fast pls, cant connect to playstation network..its says I
  • what does this mean 80710A06 thx
  • iI cannot connect to the play station network {note that my internet works fine} i need some help getting back connected.Need help A.S.A.P.
  • How can you use forget passw3ord option when you can't connect to PSN? after this mornings update I was auto signed o0ut and can't get back logged in ?
  • I merged all of your threads together due to these all being about the same thing.

    I posted a forum announcement at the top of every section (no way to miss it) about Sony having problems with PSN. Best spot for updates on progress can be found at the official PlayStation Blog (also linked to in that thread).

    Divo, you can double check your sign in over at the official Sony sites. Until they get things fixed with this PSN outtage, though, logging in on the PS3 will be not happening.