Network Problems?
  • :confused: I lost playstation network connections this morning and I did the test. It failed on playstation network but not on internet. If anyone has some tips, please tell me. Thanks, John :confused:
  • hi im karen, having same problem error coming up when signing in cant sign in, maybe psn crashed again.
  • Heya, Odjn666 here. I have the same problem. Good chance that Karen is correct about the PSN network being down. Hopefully they can get it working at some point
  • Just joined to find out if anyone else was having this problem.

    Mine comes up an error has occured 80710A06. So PSN is down then?
  • having same problem , hope they fix it soon
  • Same here thought it was just me:(
  • Well at least we know it's not something to do with our game consoles.
  • I called the 1 800 customer service number but all I got was a recorded message saying " Sorry we can not answers calls at this time,try our website or call back later -thank you " -- what's up with that?
  • Whats up with the playstation network guys....cant play online.My internet is 100% but cant connect to the network.NOT GOOD GUYS!
  • Glad to see everyone posted in the one spot for this.

    If you haven't yet, check the forum announcement stuck to the top of each section. I posted that earlier today to let everyone know Sony's having some issues and are trying to get things back up and running ASAP.
  • Wow!!! I thought that it was just me!!! however apon learning that i'm not alone, i can say that it must be a network problem.. Playin gt5 and i cant sign in so dont have online options... all my online games are like that right now... hope they fix the problem soon missin kickin butt!!!:)
  • Having the same problem here in eastern Australia, no playstation network available, but have internet connection operating. Tried disabling media server, switching off PS3, waiting 30 seconds, rebooting, but no luck, will just have to wait? Bored!
  • Help Me Please I Went On Psn And It Said Connection Error
  • one whole day with out playin black ops,,,, come on people...get to work so we can play!!
  • There' an update as to what is causing the outage- check the announcement thread!