PS3 crashed when network went out of commission
  • Don't know if these issues go hand in hand?? but we can't get anything up on the tv screen from our PS3 when we turn the unit on.. the screen is completely black and there is no picture with a game or without a game.. can't figure it out.. tried adifferent tv and everything.. system turns on.. lights come on.. but no picture?? any ideas..??
    This problem occurred the day after/during when the playstation network went down..could this have anything to do with it?? my son plays a lot of on-line gaming..hoping for a response.. or any ideas..
  • PSN being down shouldn't affect the PS3 for offline gaming.

    Try this- turn the PS3 on but keep holding down the power button until you hear a second set of beeps. This makes the PS3 auto-detect what sort of video output is set up.
  • there is no response.. no change
  • In that case, it sounds like something has happened to the video output of your PS3 (still not related to the shutdown of PSN). All i can suggest at this point would be to contact Sony's customer service to ask them about sending the PS3 in for servicing.