problems connecting to internet wirelessly
  • i have 2 ps3 in my house both hooked up wirelessly. 2 weeks ago i came home and the one in the bedroom wouldn't connect to the internet wireless, it tells me ( key information exchange has timed out) when i plug the ethernet cable in it works fine. talked to a tech at psn he said my router should run a g sinal with (tkip) encryption. i don't understand why it doesn't just work, i changed nothing. my wifi will scan, and i can see my signal, usually between 95-100% signal strength, it just wont connect wirelessly so frustrating...please help.
  • Did you try one of the simpler solutions such as giving the router a power cycle for about 30 seconds or so?
  • yes i did that twice, once while the psn tech was on the line with me. could there be a problem with my hardware, of course i'm two months out of my warranty.
  • I can't see the wi-fi card just kicking out for no reason. I would suggest giving that PS3's connection a full re-do and add in as much info manually as possible (subnet mask, router IP, dns servers) along with setting up a bit of extra info in the router like a reserved IP address.