Ps3 playing Ps2 games
  • Hello, im new to the whole site here. Though, I do have a question for all. I understand with the Ps3 system, it can support Ps3 and Ps1 games without any problems. However, why did the Ps3 skip the parts or data to allow it to play Ps2 games?

    With making of the Ps2, it is able to play Ps2 and Ps1. I figued with this new system, it can play all three sets of games. There are times where we dont feel like playing the new age games, and relive the older games. I do this a lot as well. I grew up with Nes, Snes, N64, and many more. I have a good amount of older systems, though, not the space to hook each one up all at once :p .

    Would it be able to play Ps2 games later down the road upon the system, if an update or updates, depending how much it needs, I do not know much about computers or systems of needs.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this over everyone.
    If anyone wants to add me, when the Psn does come back alive, its Odjn666, same as the name upon here.

    Until next time :cool:
  • Sony took that ability out of later versions of the PS3 due to a perceived feeling that people did not want it plus it did bring down the cost of manufacturing by bot needing as many chips on the board once it was taken out.

    Don't expect to see it make a comeback anytime soon. If you do have the hankering to play some of the PS2 games (and there are a number of great ones there) you would be better served to get an inexpensive PS2.
  • I have a Ps2 still, though, as said, not the space to hook all up. I understand with cost and demand for money is always high for anyone, though, my thinking for myself is, even with the low cost for putting in the chips it would need to make it happen, it would have rose the demand for a lot more people buing the system.
    (So, they did make the first batch to be able to do so, though, seems not many either)
  • Every now & then PSS offers PS2 games to download (at a cost) that are PS3/PSP compatible .
  • True, im aware they do offer Ps2 games to download upon the Ps3. Though, its most of the same games I already have, and at times, I dont feel like putting up the funds for something I already own. Unpacking the Ps2, easy part. Hooking it up, even easier. Keeping it away from my 3yr old, now that is a challange itself.
  • If you can find one of the old 60Gb playstations, it does actually play most games. I myself own one and it serves me greatly when I'm bored with online on traditional games. I just pop in a ps2 game and off I go. I also never got to enjoy a ps2, so I am enjoying these games mostly like they are new.
  • Be a feet to go for, since the Ps3 has been out for a few years. The odds for one, heh, be a challage.